Muslims Are Condemning Terrorism, Critics Just Aren’t Listening

What does it say for the silent majority? The Paris attack last week has yet again brought Muslims under the harsh limelight of terrorism.

There have been accusations galore and demands on moderate Muslims and community leaders to speak out against Islamic extremism.

Reza Aslan, religious scholar, well known for his book Zealot and the resulting Fox News fiasco, gave perhaps the best answer to Chuck Todd of Meet the Press.

 “Anyone who keeps saying that ‘We need to hear the moderate voice of Islam, why aren’t Muslims denouncing these violent attacks?’ doesn’t own Google,” he says in the video above.

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He went on to say it was the European suspicion of Muslim immigrants and lack of tolerance shown by them that can be behind incidents like Charlie Hebdo deaths.

“Well, it’s not a justification by any means at all, but what Charlie Hebdo represents for a lot of people in Europe is precisely this clash of civilizations. Look, the editors of Charlie Hebdo would unapologetically say they make fun of everybody, every religion, and they make fun of Muslims for a very specific reason to sort of show, or maybe demonstrate, that look if you maybe want to be in this country, if you want to be in France, then you have to deal with the French values, you have to rid yourself of your own values, ideals, norms, and you have to take on French values. And there have been a number of laws passed not only in France, with regard to prohibitions on Islamic dress, but throughout Europe about whether you can build mosques, about whether build minarets, et cetera. And this tension, this polarization I’m afraid has led to a lot of acts of violence. Not just the tragedy yesterday ...” he added.

Muslims around the world have always denounced Islamist extremism but the peace-loving majority of almost 1.5 billion keeps getting overshadowed by a handful extremists hell bent upon death and destruction.

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