Cheer Coach Gets The Boot For Reporting Racist Shirts Worn To Practice

A cheer coach tried to do the right thing by reporting her colleague for wearing a KKK shirt to practice, and she ends up getting punished.

Two offensive T-shirts are behind why an Alabama youth cheer squad has lost two of its coaches.

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Kayleigh Tipton, volunteer cheerleading coach for a Boaz, Alabama youth cheer squad reported the organization’s assistant vice president Brian McCracken for wearing a Ku Klux Klan shirt to practice joined by his friend who wore a “White Pride” shirt.

After receiving Tipton’s complaint, Kenny Jones – the commissioner of the North Alabama Youth Football & Cheerleading League – contacted McCracken and banned him from wearing racist apparel to practice.

McCracken and his friend insisted they wore the shirts as a joke, but we're not sure who they thought would find that funny? 

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The real punishment was placed upon Tipton who was removed from her assistant coaching position by McCracken’s wife, Melynnda, who was the organization’s vice president.

"I'm just disgusted because I feel like I didn't do anything wrong besides make a complaint that should have been kept private to begin with,” Tipton said. “I asked why and she could not give me any reason."

Since the incident unfolded, the McCrackens have both resigned but at least they got to leave on their own accord as opposed to Tipton who got the boot for doing something noble.

Tipton’s husband, Cody, weighed in on the issue, saying it’s the kids that were unwillingly exposed to that display of racism who are ultimately the victims in this situation.

"It's hard for a biracial child that is 4 and 5 to understand what racism is,” Cody said. “It just outrages me and a lot of other parents but no one will stand up to it because of the consequences their children will get."

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