Cheetah Robot Learning All Sorts Of New Tricks. It's Coming For Us...

First it could just run. Now it can clear hurdles. The cheetah robot from MIT is getting more lifelike.

Robotics engineers from MIT have spent more than five years developing a battery-powered quadruped robot that looks like a cheetah, but can only run as fast as a human. Now they’ve trained that robot to jump over hurdles.

Although the robot weighs as much as a real cheetah, 70 pounds, it can only run at 5 mph.

In a video released, the researchers put obstacles on a treadmill while the cheetah jumps over them effortlessly. Some of the obstacles are more than a foot tall. 

“A running jump is a truly dynamic behavior,” says Sangbae Kim, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at MIT. “You have to manage balance and energy, and be able to handle impact after landing. Our robot is specifically designed for those highly dynamic behaviors.”

We’re sure it won’t be long before these robots will cook and clean for us too – or in this case, maybe run errands.

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