Chicago Lottery Winner Poisoned Day After Collecting $425,000

A Chicago lottery winner, who selected to receive his $425,000 after taxes in one lump sum, was poisoned to death with cyanide, the day after collecting his winnings.

A Chicago lottery winner named Urooj Khan, who collected $425,000 (that's a $1 million prize after taxes) in one lump sum was poisoned to death the next day. Cook County Medical Examiner Stephen Cina originally classified the death as one from "natural causes," but a relative of Khan asked for a more thorough examination, which turned up a lethal dose of cyanide. His death has been reclassified as a homicide.

Urooj Khan purchased the lottery ticket from a 7-Eleven in West Rogers Park, a neighborhood on the North side of Chicago. He collected his winnings on July 19th and died the next day. His body will now be exhumed to further the investigation.

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