Chicago Store Owner Narrowly Avoids Fatal Shot, Defends Himself With Bat (Video)

Two gunmen attempted to rob a store in Chicago and nearly killed its owner, who escaped due to a combination of luck, bad aim, and rabid self defense.

Two gunmen attempted to rob a store in Chicago. The store owner, Luis Quizhpe, was compliant at first, opening the cash register, so one of the robbers could grab a handful of cash, while the other holds a gun to the head of Quizhpe's brother-in-law. Then, for no apparent reason, one of the gunmen fires a shot at Quizhpe, at which point Quizhpe picks up a bat and starts firing back.

"I thought it was a toy, but what made me frightened and really made me angry was when they grabbed my brother-in-law by the neck and they were pointing the gun at him."
The robber fired many more shots, but couldn't get a good one off, because Quizhpe was swinging a bat at him. Eventually his brother-in-law gets free and starts throwing large objects at the man firing the gun. Eventually the brother-in-law chased the robbers away with a fire extinguisher.
"It was like the Fourth of July. Pow, pow, pow," he said. "Then he was yelling, 'Kill the (expletive)."

It was only after the robbers ran off that Quizphe realized he had been shot in the leg. It's chilling to see how close Quizhpe comes to dying, just because two guys valued a couple hundred bucks more than his life.

"I felt something warm down my leg," he said. "I lost about a pint of blood."
Why nothing worse happened, Quizphe believes he knows:

"God didn't permit me to go yet," he said. "There must be a reason, for all the shots that he fired."
One of the shooters, Cornell Mack, 53, has been arrested and charged with armed robbery and attempted murder. He is in the hospital, having been hit in the chest by a shot from his accomplise, who is still at large.
Given the current political debate, it's worth noting that Quizphe might not be around to thank his savior if his attacker had a larger magazine clip.
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