Parents Horrified To Learn Daycare Bound Toddler At Naptime

Parents were shocked to see their son in an appalling condition at a “dependable” daycare.

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Two-year-old William Vennest attended Rainbow Childcare Center in Davison, Michigan, for the past year and his family was happy with the care provided. But Jason and Rebecca Vennest just stopped sending their son to the center after discovering how the toddler was secretly treated there.

The Vennests were shocked beyond belief by a picture, sent by a worker at the daycare, of their toddler “physically bound” for naps.

The worker told the parents that the abuse had been going on for months.

The traumatized parents got the police involved but to no avail. Though the Department of Health and Human Services cited the center for wrongdoing, the police move forward with the case.

daycare kids

William is staying at home with his family for now.

“It’s just scary as a parent, because I don’t know how another parent would find this out,” Rebecca Vennest said.

It appears incidents of child neglect bordering on child abuse have slowly started to become a norm at daycare centers. What was once thought to be an institution of a child’s first step towards learning is now slowly turning into a mismanaged affair of endangering children’s lives.

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