Child Abuse Victims React To Pope Benedict's Resignation (Video)

News of Pope Benedict's resignation has thrown a spotlight on some of the issues plaguing his reign, namely the sexual abuse of children by priests and the subsequent cover-ups.

Although Benedict was the first Pope to publicly apologize for the abuse, some victims say words aren't enough.

David Lorenz, Director of Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, an abuse victim himself, says, "He's apologized to the Irish. He's apologized to the United States. He's apologized to Australia, Germany, Spain - you know - letters of apology for what's gone on in those countries, but the fact is there's been no action, and words without action really are emptiness. There's not much there. So his track record is pretty abysmal in my mind, because he's taken no action to stop this from happening. He's made statements - no action."

Critics say the abuse cases were made worse because of efforts to cover up or minimize the damage.

The issue is just coming to light in places like in California where less than two weeks ago, 12,000 pages of church files were made available that detail efforts by the former archbishop of LA Roger Mahony to protect known abusers from law enforcement scrutiny in the 80's.

Mahony has since been stripped of all public and administrative duties.

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