Child Soldiers Battle Traumas In Congo Rehab

(CNN) It's been called a forgotten war and its children the forgotten victims.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo's raging conflict, children are caught on both sides as both perpetrators and victims.

In Bukavu, the capital of South Kivu province, schoolchildren were diligently bent over their notebooks but they weren't practicing handwriting or arithmetic. They were drawing traumatic scenes from their past such as villages under attack by gunmen. And some of the children -- until very recently -- were doing the shooting.

The United Nations estimates that tens of thousands of children in the Congo are fighting in armed groups, many of them orphans forced to join the lawless militia that have ravaged this part of Congo.

The classroom is part of a U.N. Children's Fund sponsored rehabilitation center where they are working to show children caught up in Congo's violent conflict that they have the right to a peaceful future.