Chile Rescue Capsule Goes On Display

(ITN) The capsule used to rescue the 33 trapped miners in Chile has gone on proud display in the capital Santiago.

Crowds gathered around "Fenix 2" as a Chilean legislative commission investigated reports that mining operators ignored danger warnings from one of the trapped men.

Deputy Carlos Vilches, a commission member, said Juan Illanes has alleged that operators refused his request to leave the mine three hours before it collapsed on August 5.

Illanes reportedly had heard loud sounds that indicated a collapse could be brewing.

Vilches spoke at the opening of a public exhibit of the capsule used in last week's rescue of the miners after more than two months underground.

The exhibit in the plaza outside Chile's presidential palace is drawing hundreds of people.

Vilches represents Copiapo, the community closest to the San Jose Mine where the collapse occurred. He said he would call Illanes and other miners to testify before the commission about conditions at the mine.

Another worker, Gino Cortez, lost his leg in a smaller collapse inside the San Jose Mine in July.