Chilling Instagram Photos Foreshadowed Woman’s Drunken Fall To Death

Kasey Jones took pictures of herself drinking while sitting precariously close to her rooftop's edge.This week, she fell to her death from that same rooftop.

Like a lot of people in their 20s, Brooklyn barista Kasey Jones took to Instagram to document her days, to project an image of an alluring, photogenic life that people might “like,” or “share,” or envy.


New Glarus comes to NYC. #spottedcowinthecity

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But in the aftermath of her death, her photos have gained a troubling dimension.Jones would often climb to the rooftop to drink, then take pictures of herself standing close to the edge, or dangling her feet over the fire escape.  


Foot's eye view.

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One beauty shot of a glass of wine sitting on a windowsill suggests she had to position her camera—or herself—precariously.


Vino on the windowsill. A beautiful spring evening. #wine #spring #trees #citysurprises

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And she did this all while presumably intoxicated.

On Tuesday, Jones lost her footing while attempting to climb down into a friend’s apartment. She fell five floors onto the concrete passageway below. The sound of the fatal impact woke a number of her neighbors.

The rooftop offered ample evidence of her having been intoxicated at the time of the fall—bottle after bottle of liquor.

The week before, a friend of Jones’ had commented on her Instagram, stating that these photos frightened her.

“It scares the bejesus outta me whenever you post these ‘casually leaning over the edge’ pics,”

Jones did not heed her concern, noting that she had “a lot of whiskey to help [her] out.”  


The climb down from the fire escape though. #imsotall #iloveit

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But, as Frances Guerrero, one of Jones’ neighbors puts it:

“When you are inebriated you don’t use your head.”

Two wrenching questions come to mind:

Could Jones’ Instagram have been treated as cause for intervention—from her drinking, from her recklessness—and could she have been saved?

And what role does social media play in this? Is this the first time a person has endangered themselves trying to take a likeable, shareable, enviable pic?

“I feel sad. She was so young.”

Jones’ neighbor, Julio Acosta, commented on the tragedy.

 “Yesterday I saw her going out with the bike... She said hi to me. It pains my heart.”

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