Chinese Groom Drowns Himself After Meeting His “Ugly” Bride For The First Time

This has to be one of the most brutal cases of “cold-feet” in the history.

Groom tried to drown himself in river

Arranged marriages – which are still quiet prevalent in Asian countries – can be quiet tricky as neither the bride nor groom are allowed to see each other before the wedding. Recently, a man even got into trouble for requesting to see the bride.

This young Chinese man also became a victim of a somewhat similar fate. In fact, he was so disappointed after seeing his bride-to-be for the first time that he drowned himself in the river.

Kang Hu

Native of China’s Hubei province, Kang Hu was set to marry Na Sung – a woman his parents had chosen for him. The 33-year-old had never seen her before, but probably had very high hopes because when he saw the 30-year-old just moments before the wedding, he got upset.

Kang reportedly exclaimed that the bride didn’t meet his standards and would be “bad for his image.” He even called her “ugly” before walking out of the ceremony.

“It was a very awkward moment for everyone,” said Pal Chan Wang, a guest at the wedding. “The bride was devastated, her family was furious, his family was furious, and we his friends were embarrassed.”

Chinese groom

The groom was forced into the marriage and seeing no other way out, he opted to commit suicide by drowning himself in a nearby river. However, someone spotted him almost immediately and called the cops.

A police officer Hou Kunshan, who was the first to arrive at the scene, claimed that the man was floating in the water face down. The officer jumped in the river, dragged Kang’s unconscious body to the wall, and waited for the rescue, which arrived shortly.

“He was fully clothed and floating face down in the water,” said a friend who managed to take photos of the rescue. “He was unconscious and I thought he was dead. When the police arrived, one jumped in and dragged him ashore with the help of firemen who put a rope around his chest to pull him out before pumping his chest. They saved his life.”

Groom tries to drown himself after meeting 'ugly bride'

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