China Now Has A 'Great Wall Of Sand'

China is getting bigger right before your eyes. The first photos of China's sand islands, or 'Great Walls of Sand', have been released.

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China is trying to expand their already massive territory into the South China Sea, by construction these islands. The islands will help China to extend their military and also anchor in on very busy shipping lanes for trade.

However, the move is a bit controversial, as China has been taking over places for quite some time. Specifically, the South China Sea has its own debates, as a line drawn in the 1940's shows how much of the sea belongs to China.

While China's thinking behind the construction might have had good intentions, the islands are built by pumping sand over coral reefs, then dumping concrete over the sand.

In case you didn't know, China, this might be bad for the environment. Oh wait...China has already polluted their entire country. Maybe that's the secret behind these islands. Maybe they need more space to live...

Right now, military bases are being built on these islands, however, other superpowers, like the U.S, are very concerned that physically extending their military further into the sea is going to cause massive political tension.

The photos let you see just how big these islands are, and how ridiculous they are at the same time. 


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