Smuggler Busted With 94 iPhones Strapped To His Body

Tough luck for him; but we are impressed nonetheless.

Photos released by Chinese media reveal a man getting caught trying to smuggle dozens of iPhones taped to his body.

Behold the genius in all his padded glory:

iPhone Smuggler

iPhone Smuggler
Here's his booty:

iPhone Smuggler

The unidentified man was caught trying to get from Hong Kong into mainland China through Futian Port. Customs officials got suspicious when they noticed him walking a little stiffly (surprise!) and guess what... the metal detectors squealed on him!

He was duly stopped and stripped down, and his armor of 94 iPhones around his thighs, torso, calves and crotch was revealed.

Had he not been nabbed (the officials would have to be blind or drugged), he would have made a whopping profit on the cell phones, which have high value in the black market.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are popular in China and have been known to fetch as much as $2,400.

No wonder the market for smuggled phones is huge. People do all sorts of things to get their hands on them. Remember the guy who rented his girlfriend for one? Smugglers try creative ways of sneaking the gadgets across the border and succeed as well. The border patrol, however, is also on their guard and that explains our unlucky fellow here getting nabbed.

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