Rah, Rah Drudgery! Office Cheerleaders Thrive In Chinese IT Companies

Give me an O! Give me an F! Give me an F! Give me an I! Give me a C! Give me an E! Gooooo office!

Some folks find it hard to understand the presence of cheerleaders in sports. Is the game not entertaining enough on its own without dancing women during breaks? While that in itself is a debate and a half, some Chinese tech firms have taken the cheerleading business to a whole new level.

In a bid to cheer up their mostly male workforce, tech companies in China are reportedly hiring female programmers whose real job is to cheer up their opposite sex. It doesn't matter how good they are at actual programming as long as they have a pretty face and can cheer up the boys.

Office Cheerleaders

As per the Facebook page Trending China, the Chinese tech industry male workers are so bad at socializing and have such depressing work routines that their employers apparently feel the only way to motivate them for work is by making the office colorful, vibrant and attractive.

Hence, enter ladies!

While their job description may say programmer, these attractive females' day-to-day task is "buying programmers breakfast, chitchatting and playing ping-pong with them."

There is no word on how many companies have brought in these cheerleading women but there are photos of their training in which they can be seen practicing singing, ping-pong and other motivational tools.

Chinese Office Cheerleaders

The news sparked an outrage on social media with most people deeming it sexist and an awful validation of stereotypes. However, the companies involved are happy with the positive change that the women have had on male programmers and are unlikely to abandon it.

The term office cheerleaders may be new, but the practice is tacitly followed all over the world. Why is it that receptionists, secretaries and assistants in big offices are almost always female? In truth, they are there to brighten up the place, and so that is just as wrong as the concept of officer cheerleaders is.

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