China Unveils The World's Longest Bridge Made Of Glass

You may not want to look down below when crossing the newly constructed glass bridge in China.

The Chinese are known for building stupendous structures but they've outdone their own weird architectural sense with their latest creation.

As per a report by Xinhua, engineers in China's central Hunan province have built what is the world's longest glass bridge.

stupendous structures

Situated in Shiniuzhai National Geological Park, the glass bridge provides a walking channel between two cliffs at a height of some 590 feet from the ground. The bridge itself runs for 984 feet, which makes it the longest manmade structure made of that material.

stupendous structures

The see-through bridge opened up on Thursday and proved so impressive that it attracted more visitors than the ones who had come to see the cliffs.

see-through bridge

While the glass bridge would surely boost the local economy, some are concerned by its safety and rightly so. This is because incidents of structural collapses due to poor planning and substandard material often happen in China. Some detail about the glass bridge's construction would help immensely in easing those concerns.

terrifying walk ,glass bridge

Still, the race among the Chinese to take the terrifying walk through the glass bridge is certainly on.

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