Chinese Couple Assault Flight Attendant With A Cup Of Hot Noodles

Chinese tourists apparently have a nasty reputation. This doesn’t help that image.

In a series of unwarranted air rage, a pilot decided to reroute a Thai AirAsia flight that was traveling to China back to Bangkok. On board the plane, an angry tussle between a group of rowdy Chinese passengers and the airplane staff resulted in a hot water injury to the face and a five and half hour delay, as well as a bomb threat.

Talk about uncivilized behavior. Evidently, the problem arose when a couple was disgruntled not being seated next to each other, as passengers were seated alphabetically according to their tour group. They complained and had their seats changed.

However, they were determined to be unhappy fliers, as another crisis came up when the unnamed woman asked for hot water to go with the instant noodles she bought on the plane. But they were not happy when they were given change in a currency not of their choice. So, she decided to throw the hot water on the flight attendant.

In the frenzy that followed, according to witnesses, the boyfriend threatened to bomb the plane while his girlfriend talked about killing herself. 

Quite recently, a Korean airline executive lost her cool when she wasn’t pleased with the way she was served nuts, resulting in her losing her job.

Air rage seems to be on the rise. While traveling is indeed a difficult task, people who suffer from hot-tempered mood swings, who are rude and often seriously lacking in etiquette only make that experience worse than it already is .

The couple were taken into police custody upon landing in Don Mueang Airport. They, along with two others from the tourist group have reportedly been fined and blacklisted. For better or worse, somebody managed to capture it all on video.

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