Chinese Man Builds Fake Police Station In Home, Poses As Cop For Years

Conman and alleged scoundrel Lei has had his "badge" revoked. There's a lot of lengths that people will go to make money illegitimately, but few are this straightforwardly ironic.

Inspector Lei had a wardrobe filled with black blazers, an arsenal of stun guns, an extended handcuff selection, and a siren-topped car. But Inspector Lei, for all of his appearances, was not an inspector.

Police raided his apartment in Wuhan this past week, working off of a tip they received from a resentful girlfriend (ex-girlfriend?) of the conman. What they found was baffling—and doubly so once you consider that Lei got away with it for two whole years.

Lei had put together a realistic looking police station—complete with interrogation room—as part of a moneymaking ploy. He’s been selling falsified Public Security Bureau documents and warrants from his “precinct.”

The con-cop’s girlfriend was repeatedly warned by friends, who had a sense that something was up.

“Your boyfriend is not reliable.”

“He always flirts with us online and is a total scoundrel.”

Apparently, this guy was a total peach all around.

Nonetheless, said girlfriend—named only as Tingting—remained under the spell of Lei’s machinations and (presumably) solid acting chops. Until last week, when she finally snapped.

When she threatened to leave him, con-cop threatened to post a sex tape of them online. So Tingting sought out an officer of the not-flagrantly-fake variety.

The police found a stack of forged documents, a miniature surveillance camera, and a GPS tracking device among Lei’s possessions. If he wasn’t yet using these to keep tabs on the women in his life, he had every tool necessary in his arsenal to do so.  

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