Talk About A Clown Car: Chinese Police Remove 51 People From Minivan

There are some things that can happen exclusively in China. This is one of them.

Six-seat van carries 51 workers in China's Guiyang

Commuting to work can be a painful experience even in countries where there is a good public transport system. With loads of people out to reach their workplaces on time, buses and trains can get super crowded.

But even the worst of those situations have nothing on what happened in China recently. Last week, police officers in Guiyang City, Guizhou, stopped a small van, which was moving along very slowly. Upon opening its side door, they found that the van's rear compartment – which usually has seats for six passengers – was crammed with 49 poor construction workers.

Add to the two sitting up front, and the total number comes to a staggering 51 in an eight-seat minivan. To make this happen, the driver had removed the rear seats and was effectively using it as a medieval prison wagon.

As per the People’s Daily Online, the driver said he was late and had packed so many workers in the back of his van to save time. It took police officers almost two minutes to empty the van, whose rear body was touching the ground due to excess weight.

China has one of the worst records of labor right violations in the world. Due to poverty and overpopulation, business owners have their way with the laborers and deem it appropriate to treat the workers as their slaves. The video above looks like a continuation of this horrendous culture of labor rights violation in the People's Republic.

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