Giant Python Found Lurking Near A Restaurant In Bangkok

Chinese restaurant workers are rather shocked by what they find lurking just feet from their customers.

Workers at a Chinese restaurant were going about their activities as usual when they happened to come across a huge snake in the street right behind the eatery in Thonburim, Bangkok.

The 8-meter-long reptile, believed to be a python reticulatus, was seen lurking only a small distance away from diners.

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Help was called for immediately and soon 17 firefighters arrived at the scene to deal with all 26 feet of the python. The rescuers were seen standing in a straight line, lifting the snake up to their waist after covering its head, followed by one man measuring the serpent.

As the news spread, people from the vicinity gathered and stood in awe of the 150-kg beast, which is considered to be one of the world’s largest snakes. While some of them were seen filming the incident, others just focused on maintaining distance from the catch to ensure their own safety.

The snake was placed in a cage and its fate still remains uncertain.

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