You Can Pay With Your Good Looks At This Restaurant In China

It's like a beauty pageant and meal out all in one.

Restaurant China good Looks

You don’t need any money to eat at this Korean eatery in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou – as long as you’re extremely good looking.

Originally reported by Xinhua, China's official news agency, the Jeju Island restaurant uses a "face scanner" to take a picture of customers before they're seated. They are then taken to a “beauty identification area” where members of a plastic surgery clinic “judge” them.

The management is offering free meals to 50 customers who score top marks in looks every day from Jan. 10 to Feb. 9.

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Authorities in Zhengzhou are reportedly not happy with the idea of judging people on their looks. They believe it will damage the city's image and also claim the sign outside the eatery that reads "Free meal for good looking” does not have official permission.

But restaurants with quirky themes are not anything new in China.

In 2014, a restaurant in south-west China offered discounts for overweight male customers, but only offered the same deal to women if they were thin.

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Oh and if you’re ever in China and plan to eat free food at the Jeju Island, make sure you have a protruding forehead – the judges love that, apparently.

Bon appétit!

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