Why Chinese Consumers Are Angry Over Toilet Lids They Bought In Japan

Chinese consumers learn the shocking truth about luxury toilet lids imported from Japan

Chinese frenzy for buying toilet seats

The one thing Chinese consumers absolutely love to import from Japan – apart from rice cookers – are “smart” toilet seats that come with wireless remotes and features like butt warmers and showers, seat perfumes, mp3 players and automatic sanitizers.

Tourists from China, who flocked to Japan last month over the Lunar New Year holiday season, reportedly spent nearly $959 million during their visit and a huge portion of that money was used to buy the luxurious, hi-tech personal hygiene accessories.

Sometimes, Chinese visitors even fight over toilet lids in Japanese duty-free stores.

However, this craze might just come to an end as one man from Hangzhou has discovered that the coveted commodes that Chinese shoppers buy in Japan are actually made in China.

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Microblog Weibo user Wang was shocked to find that the Panasonic toilet lids he bought from a sale in Osaka were in fact being manufactured in a factory near his hometown.

“I can’t believe I came this far to buy something manufactured on my doorstep. Doesn’t that just make me a porter?” he told Sina News.

Li Jianhong, head of Panasonic’s electronics factory in Xiasha, China, added to people’s fury after he revealed that not only are these seats available for 2980 yuan ($475) in China – cheaper than the ones being sold for 59,000 yen ($492) in Japan – but also come “with an extra moisture protection function that the Japanese model doesn’t.”

Chinese consumers are currently busy mocking the latest exposé on social media; however, many of them are relieved because they no longer have to fly to another country to buy a toilet seat.

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