This Chinese Woman Bought A BMW With A Mountain Of One Yuan Notes

It took 20 employees six hours to count the entire amount.

Chinese woman stuns BMW dealership by paying for luxury car with mountain of one-yuan notes

A woman in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province in China, stunned the staff at local car dealership by making her part payment with ridiculously small change. Identified only as Li, she reportedly used 100,000 one-Yuan bank notes to purchase a brand new BMW 730Li luxury sedan.

She paid the rest of the cost, which was about 1 million Yuan, with her bankcard.

Chinese entrepreneur buys BMW with small change

It took the staff of 20 almost six hours – from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm – to count all the cash.

Apparently, the woman owns a food wholesale business. She told local media that she had accumulated such a large sum of one-Yuan notes because customers usually pay with small bills, and for some reason, she decided to keep the change until she was able to spend it all at once when buying a car.

Chinese woman pays a 'mountain' of one-yaun notes for luxury car, stuns showroom staff

The showroom manager Li Moran said that the purchase had been the first time he and his staff had counted so much cash, adding that they were surprised to see so many bundles of banknotes when the woman first walked in.

The notes came to a total of around $16,000 and weighed around 220lb.

“I have read in media that some people like to use small valued banknotes to buy cars, but I never imagined I would experience this kind of thing myself,” Moran explained.

The car bought by this woman sells for between 956,000 and 1,023,500 Yuan ($154,000 to $165,000) – which means the dealership is rather lucky that Li only paid the change for a relatively small amount.

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