Elderly Chinese Woman Has A 5-Inch Horn Growing Out Of Her Head

This Chinese woman had a mole growing on her head, but what it turned into later is unbelievable. Check it out!

87-year-old Liang Xiuzhen from  Sichuan, South West China has been diagnosed with a rare medical condition which has caused a horn to grow out right in the middle of her head.

This started off eight years ago as a small itchy mole, which Xiuzhen treated using herbal remedies. Things were under control until two years ago when the mole burst open and a small horn began to grow out of it.

Xiuzhen’s son, Wang Zhaojun in a talk with People’s Daily Online stated: “We went to the hospital and the doctors couldn’t diagnose the growth. My mother doesn’t like going to the hospital because she thinks that she won’t be able to come back home if she goes.”

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As a result, the horn went untreated and her condition went from bad to worse. One day while washing his mother’s hair, Zhaojun accidentally yanked the horn, after which it only grew even more rapidly.

Soon enough the strange growth had become 5 inches long and would bleed every now and then.

However, doctors have finally been able to diagnose this condition as the cutaneous horn, which is basically an unusual keratinous skin tumor.

Xiuzhen’s son is persuading her to go to the hospital to get the growth removed and her family hopes others learn of the medical condition so that anyone who goes through the same ordeal can get it treated before it’s too late.

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