Chris Archer Stomps On A Fan’s Heart During A Game

Chris Archer does not want your blown kisses, forlorn baseball fan.

Tampa Rays pitcher Chris Archer is a player, both on and off the field. Like a typical player, he will ease you into your comfort zone, encourage your love and then, without any warning, shatter you and your heart.

This is exactly what happened when a smitten fan made a public display of affection during a game. He called out to Archer, certain that the pitcher wouldn't even hear him over the chants and screams of the crowd.

But hear he did. Archer turned around just in time to see the fan blow a kiss from the stands. For a split second, it looked like Archer would accept this gesture of amour ... then he took the "kiss" and threw it over the railing. Woof.

The kiss reportedly rolled over in dirt and was never found again.

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