Chris Christie Announces He Will Seek Second Term

Enjoying some of the best approval ratings in the country, New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie has filed for reelection in 2014

Governor Chris Christie, who enjoys huge approval ratings, is seeking another term. PHOTO: Reuters

Chris Christie has filed for reelection in 2014 as Governor of New Jersey. The Republican governor has approval ratings in the 70s after his handling of Hurricane Sandy and embrace of President Obama, who won New Jersey easily. Prior to Sandy, Christie’s approval ratings were in the mid-fifties, meaning that his numbers will likely settle down some as Sandy recedes in the collective memory of the state. Still, even if Christie ends up with approval rating in the high 50s, that would make him all but unbeatable.

Should Christie’s approval ratings show more vulnerability, expect Newark Mayor and amateur superhero Cory Booker to challenge Christie. Booker, however, will keep a close eye on the approval ratings. If they remain well above fifty, he may save himself for a more winnable fight. Both Booker and (especially) Christie are thought to be considering a run at the presidency in 2016.

Despite taking no small amount of flack from fellow Republicans for his praise of President Obama shortly before the election, Christie’s approval ratings show that he remains one of the top dogs in the G.O.P., and he will likely sail to another term in blue New Jersey.

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