Tour de France Champ Chris Froome Punches Overexcited Fan

Chris Froome lost his patience with an annoying fan during the eighth stage of the Tour de France.

Chris Froome lost his cool with an annoying fan before taking the lead at stage eight of the Tour de France.

The over-enthusiastic fan, who was wearing a Colombia soccer jersey and cheering on Froome's top rival Nairo Quintana, apparently got a little too close for comfort for the British champ's liking.

Before launching his downhill attack, Froome landed a left jab to the spectator’s face.

After winning the stage, the two-time Tour de France winner and this year's favorite explained what had happened. 

“I have absolutely nothing against the Colombian fans," he stated. "I think they’re fantastic. They bring great spirit to the race. But this guy in particular was running right next to my handlebars. He had a flag that was flying out behind him and it was just getting dangerous so I pushed him away. I lashed out and pushed him away."

The cyclist explained how it is "fantastic having so many fans out on the road" but advised people to not run too close to the riders.

"It gets really dangerous for the guys behind you,” he added.

Froome, who will wear the yellow jersey on the next stage of the Tour, was later fined 200 Swiss francs ($203) by the race jury for “inappropriate behavior.”