Mistletoe Attack: TGI Fridays Mistletoe Drone Crashes Into A Woman’s Face

This mistletoe drone is a bit too overzealous on the whole kissing thing.

In the age of commercial drones, TGI Fridays "mistletoe drone" didn’t sound like such a bad idea – until it crashed in to a woman’s face.

The food chain TGI Fridays launched flying quad-copter drones meant to get couples kissing and induce some romance and festivity into the season of joy.

Georgine Benvenuto, a reporter covering the new initiative at one of the New York restaurants however, didn’t know what hit her and she ended up with a bloody face.

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She was standing nearby when the drone operator, thinking it would be easy, tried to land one of the flying machines on Vanessa Ogle, the Brooklyn Daily reporter’s hand.

Unfortunately, she flinched, and the drone came right at the reporter.

"It hit me in the face, then it got caught in my hair, kept spinning -- and that's how it injured my face. It took a while for me to get it off," Benvenuto recalled the incident.

"If that would've hit me in my eye, I wouldn't be working tomorrow," she added. "If this thing continued to spin, it would've taken my eye out without a doubt." 

Fortunately the injuries weren’t serious. She got cuts on her nose and chin.

"I've done some crime scene reporting. I survived 9/11. I didn't get a scratch on any of those assignments. This is bizarre to go into a restaurant and come out injured, "she said.

Here’s how TGI Fridays #Togethermas Mistletoe Drones work:

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