1 In 5 Children Think Jesus Christ Plays Football For Chelsea

We wonder what Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has to say about that!

We are sure when researchers from London shopping center Brent Cross decided to conduct a survey among their young visitors, they had no idea how it would turn out.

They asked 1,000 children some simple questions. But the one that left them stumped was:

Who is Jesus Christ?

a) A footballer for Chelsea 

b) Son of God

c) TV presenter

d) X Factor contestant

e) An astronaut.

Guess what? Twenty percent picked the first option. Twenty percent is not a huge number but still: it makes about 1 in 5 children.


Before you brush off the survey results, here are some more gems:

  • A quarter of them think the shepherds found the infant Jesus with Google Maps
  • More than half think Christmas Day marks Santa Claus's birthday
  • More than one in 10 believes the Three Kings brought gifts of a wand, tiara and wings to celebrate his birth
  • One in four think the virgin birth took place in a church

So the kids think Jesus plays for Chelsea – it’s funny, kids are cute and its Christmas so it’s all OK, right?

Well not really. It’s kind of a wake up call, isn’t it? How many kids really know what Christmas is all about? Yes, it’s about Santa Claus, Christmas dinner and tons of gifts but there has to be more. The Christmas spirit just isn’t about the fun, frolics and getting spoiled by loved ones. 

Have we forgotten to tell our children what is it all about? Have we forgotten about it ourselves? Have lost the Christmas spirit to the commercialism of the event?

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