Chuck Hagel "Likely" To Be Nominated For Secretary Of Defense

Chuck Hagel looks like a good bet to be President Obama's next pick for Secretary of Defense. Hagel has cleared the White House's vetting process, and is awaiting the final word.

While Washington (and the media) reels from Susan Rice's withdrawal from Secretary of State consideration, another cabinet post looks like it will soon have a new nominee: Chuck Hagel, moderate Republican and former Senator of Nebraska looks likely to be nominated for Secretary of Defense. Hagel is a Vietnam veteran, who, as a Senator, criticized his party's handling of the Iraq War. According to Bloomberg News, Hagel has cleared the Obama Administration's vetting process, and is awaiting Obama's final decision.

Choosing Hagel for Secretary of Defense would make a lot of sense as an Obama move. Obama insists on having both parties represented in his cabinet, but has tended toward moderate Republicans, when he picks Republicans. Defense is one area where Obama, as President, has been center-right, very much willing to use military force. Having Hagel as Secretary of Defense would give him an easy confirmation and someone who has not considered himself bound to either party.

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