The CIA's Secret Plan To Thwart Bin Laden With A Devil Lookalike Doll

The CIA briefly got into the toy business with an Osama bin Laden devil doll.

The U.S. did a lot to undermine Osama bin Laden during the terrorist's lifetime and win over hearts and minds in the Middle East. Now it seems those efforts also included an anti-bin Laden toy. 

In 2005 -- at the height of the war in Afghanistan and with the Al-Qaeda leader nowhere in sight -- the CIA was spending its time on a bin Laden devil doll. 

The idea was to scare children away from terrorism with a bin Laden doll whose face melted away to reveal the devil underneath. Because that seems more effective than watching your village get shot up or bombed from the war on terror. 

The CIA even brought in toy experts to create the devil doll, the Washington Post reports, before dropping the project all together. The Washington Post uncovered a prototype, however, so we can see just what America's greatest spies were up to when they ventured into the toy business.

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