Citizens 'Enjoy Genuine Human Rights' Says North Korea

The report, more than 53,000 words. claims that North Koreans enjoy freedom of speech and religion and protection from slavery and torture.

kim jong un hi

Surprise! A report released by North Korea this weekend claims the country has “the world's most advantageous human rights system". The appropriate response? “LOL”.

Various claims in the 50,000+ words long report include:

  • The political system "bestows upon (its citizens) priceless political integrity."
  • The economic system "ensures people an independent and creative working life, as well as affluent and civilized living standard"
  • Washington D.C. is plotting to "eventually overthrow the social system"
  • Americans invaded North Korea in 1950 and starting the Korean War.
  • North Korea has policies of "universal compulsory education, free medical care and free provision of housings."

The phrase "human rights" appears over 700 times.  It made no mention of its prison system, executions or food shortages. This report is in contrast to February’s U.N. report saying the state "terrorizes" its own citizens.   

The U.N. report described a country where the government selectively starves portions of its population and maintains an elaborate network of prison camps to torture and enslave.  People are forced to worship the ruling Kim family and entire families can be punished for the perceived disloyalty of their ancestors.

The conclusions were published after listening to testimonies from more than 100 victims, witnesses and experts regarding North Korea. It also examined satellite imagery and listed a stunning catalog of torture and widespread abuse "that does not have any parallel in the contemporary world."

North Korea's version of its human rights report was published ahead of Tuesday's U.N. General Assembly, where a discussion and vote on North Korea's human rights situation is expected.

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