Clashes Follow Egypt Church Bombing


Clashes have flared in the northern Egyptian city of Alexandria, following a car bombing blamed outside a Coptic Christian church that killed at least 21 people.

Police and Christian men faced off late on Saturday afternoon, with reports of rubber-coated bullets and tear gas being fired at crowds of young men.

Enraged Christians emerging from the Qiddissine (The Saints) Church fought with police and stormed a nearby mosque, prompting fights and volleys of stone throwing with Muslims.

Authorities blamed the incident on a suicide bomber but provided no evidence to back up their claim.

Reporting for Al Jazeera, Nadia Abou El-Meg, a journalist in Alexandria, said: ""This scene [of clashes] has been [witnessed] several times today. The protesters started gathering and throwing stones ... the police responded with tear gas.

""Tension is running very high and people are very angry ... We saw a lot of people weeping and screaming and asking why are they being attacked.

""The church has issued a statement which was also very angry, demanding justice, and criticising the performance of the government.