Clegg Pledges More Aid To Poor Nations

"Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has appealed to rich countries to stick to their past pledges to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals. Addressing a gathering in the United Nations General Assembly hall, Mr Clegg said: ""Development is in the end about freedom. It is about freedom from hunger and disease, freedom from ignorance, freedom from poverty. Development means ensuring that every person has the freedom to take their own life into their own hands and determine their own fate. ""My message to you from the United Kingdom government is this: we will keep our promises and we expect the rest of the international community to do the same. For our part, the new coalition government has committed to reaching 0.7 per cent of gross national income in aid from 2013, a pledge which we will enshrine in law. That aid will be targeted in the ways we know will make the biggest difference,"" he added. Nick Clegg announced Britain's steps to help combat poverty and also unveiled plans to help tackle malaria in developing nations. ""I'm pleased to announce today that the United Kingdom will be stepping up our efforts to combat malaria. In Africa a child dies from this disease - this easily preventable disease - every 45 seconds. So we will make more money available and ensure that we get more for our money with the aim of halving malaria-related deaths in ten of the worst-affected countries,"" Mr Clegg said."