Cleveland Police Agree to Follow Stricter Standards

The Cleveland police department agreed Tuesday, to follow new clear-cut standards of when it is necessary to use force.

The New York Times recently released an article explaining how the Cleveland police department accepted "tough standards on force," on Tuesday.

The "tough standards" the article refers to include the following: police will no longer be prohibited from using force against people for talking back, they will no longer be able to exercise any form of punishment on people who try to run away, pistol whipping is now prohibited, and firing warning shots is now prohibited.

Some tough standards...

I'm sure many people have the same reaction, asking, "These weren't rules already?" 

cleveland police department

With nearly every single story that breaks about a young, African American man who's been unfairly prosecuted and mistreated by police force, there's always a video or article that follows, explaining that "good cops" are still out there and how the police have no choice but to use brute force in many cases. It's hard to believe that is often the case when what the public considers to be basic, ethical principles, have not even been implemented until now.

The city agreed to allow an "independent monitor to track its progress," but how effectively this progress can be tracked will have to be determined.

Police Brutality in Cleveland

With the media bombarding viewers with endless police brutality cases and police-related racial discrimination cases, it has quickly come to a point where people started to really question who to call for help, when the police are the source of the problem.

There needs to be more done to monitor the department and to weed out the officers who have no intentions of following the new changes in their protocol. These "tough standards" should have been implemented years ago; so many murders, involuntary manslaughter cases, and reckless endangerment cases could have been avoided and lives could have been spared. 

Better late than never, I guess.

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