Kids Plot To Bomb School Over Bullying Incident

A group of children tried to stand up for their friend being bullied, but clearly they hadn’t thought their plan through.

A group of elementary school children who were upset about their friend being bullied came up with a plan to bomb Clifton High School in New Jersey out of revenge.

They put together vegetable oil, salad dressing and cinnamon and stuffed it into an empty mint tin, in attempts to make the bomb. Needless to say, the idea was unrealistic and the concoction was neither flammable nor dangerous. They didn’t even carry a lighter or matches with them.

Teachers and the administration of the high school got their hands on written plans of the alleged attack. They then contacted the police, who caught the students and later released them to their parents, but not before the children were suspended from school.

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According to Clifton police Detective Sgt. Robert Bracken, the students intended to bring the device to school and really thought it could cause damage.

Passaic County Prosecutor Carmen Valdes said the students at the school were never exposed to any danger during the incident since the “bomb” was harmless. The children involved weren’t even arrested or charged for the same reason, but will probably have to undergo counseling and psychiatric evaluation before they are allowed to return to school.

However, if they fail to adhere to these orders, they may face charges.

The incident is yet another tragic reminder of how bullying in school can have a negative impact on everyone involved. According to Forbes, a study aimed at looking at the effects of bullying showed that people bullied by peers suffer poor mental health, and even experience problems such as anxiety, depression even physical consequences like tissue inflammation.

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