Clinton Kicks Out #BlackLivesMatter Protesters During Speech On Race

Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted Hillary Clinton's speech on Friday and she responded by throwing them out of the event after she could not silence them.

Hillary Clinton

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke to a historically Black college on Friday to discuss her proposals for criminal justice reform when she was interrupted by Black Lives Matter activists protesting her support of the death penalty. The protesters were immediately removed from the event by police. 

As Clinton spoke at a campaign event at Clark Atlanta University, the protesters began marching and singing “Hell You Talmbout,” Janelle Monáe’s protest song that lists the names of Black Americans killed by police.

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Clinton tried to silence the protesters responding, “Yes, Black lives do matter.”

The activists’ goal was to pressure Clinton to better vocalize the concerns of Black communities and take necessary actions to remedy police brutality, instead of supporting capital punishment — a policy disproportionately affecting people of color.

“We’re not going to allow for Hillary to come here and have a cookie-cutter black conversation and to exploit black production for her vote,” a protester told Huffington Post.

Another Black Lives Matter protester, Shiranthi Goonathilaka, told Huffington Post,

“Even though we interrupted her, she still didn’t lay out what that plan was. She just kept on saying little sound bites of how she understands the problem and [how] we need to fix them.”

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