Anderson Cooper Shuts Down "Draw Muhammad" Organizer's Islamophobia

Jon Ritzheimer wants to gather armed men outside a mosque in Arizona.

A man who wants to gather “armed men” outside mosque in Phoenix, Arizona, and organize yet another “Draw Muhammad” contest joined CNN’s Anderson Cooper to explain his xenophobic motives.

“I’m trying to achieve exposing Islam and that truth what is written in the Koran,” Jon Ritzheimer told Cooper, while comparing himself to the signers of the Declaration of Independence. He has also promised to sell shirts saying “F*ck Islam” at the event.

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Cooper shot back at Ritzheimer, arguing that asking protesters to bring firearms is the real act of violence.

“You don’t think bringing guns to a mosque while families are praying inside, wearing T-shirts that say ‘F Islam’ and shouting whatever it is you’re going to shot at them, as they come and as they go – you don’t think that’s promoting violence at all?” Cooper asked him.

Ritzheimer, a former Marine, was unable to keep up with the host’s questions especially when Cooper pointed out that by serving in the U.S. war against terror, he served an Islamic government.

You can watch the complete discussion in the video above.

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