CNN's Angela Rye Shares Ordeal Of Invasive TSA Pat Down

If a woman associated with CNN has to undergo this in a public setting, just how do the millions of vulnerable, helpless women live in this country?

CNN Contributor Angela Rye posted a video of the deceiving innocuous-sounding TSA pat down at a U.S. airport. Rye is asked to stand with her arms raised, and she does.

And then the screening drags on, lasting for several long, cringe-worthy moments as the officer gets increasingly invasive. Rye nods disapprovingly as the officer continues her work. The officer prods Rye's genital area, sweeping her hands around it. At this point, Rye visibly gives a start, and then steels herself, gritting her teeth.

The video ends with Rye shaken and in tears.

Video: TSA Agents Tackle Disabled Cancer Patient At Memphis Airport

Rye had walked through the TSA's full body scanner once before. On Twitter, she recounted her horrifying ordeal.


Rye made the courageous choice of being patted in public. This may come across as an unconventional choice, but it was the smart one at that time. Rye was in a vulnerable position, and she did not want to be left alone with security officers who have no idea how to respect bodies.



But then again, as is the case when women show the world a glimpse of the way their sense of self was eroded at, there were people who did not know how this was a big deal. To them, Rye had the perfect answer.


Rye also described the incident in a short video she uploaded on Twitter, and made a very, very important point.


We may have become desensitized to sexual harassment, but this seemingly inconsequential invasion of bodily privacy jolts us, tells us just how traumatic, emotionally scarring it is to have hands reach down in places they do not belong. It tells us that, even in a public place, women can very easily be rendered powerless, have their agency taken from them. And that is a terrible idea to live with.

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