CNN Has A Doomsday Transmission To Air When The World Ends. No Kidding.

Apparently, CNN plans to outlive us all. Unless and until the world ends, CNN has no plans to go off-air.

Apparently, the American cable news network, notorious for its pathetic media coverage of missing planes, has a video ready for doomsday.

Leaked by Jalopnik's Michael Ballaban – a former CNN intern – the low-resolution clip was allegedly commissioned by the network’s owner Ted Turner during the Cold War when a nuclear apocalypse was imminent.

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Here’s what Turner said during the channel’s launch 34 years ago:

"We'll be on, and we will cover the end of the world, live, and that will be our last event. We'll play the national anthem only one time, on the first of June [the day CNN launched], and when the end of the world comes, we'll play 'Nearer, My God, to Thee' before we sign off." 

The eerie video features a band playing “Nearer My God to Thee” –the same 19th century Christian hymn Titanic’s band supposedly played when it sank.

Ballaban said he found an undated video labeled “TURNER DOOMSDAY VIDEO,” with a note: “HFR (Hold For Release) till end of the world confirmed,” in a database.

“That leaves open a whole host of unanswered questions,” he wrote. “If this is the last CNN employee alive, in the last CNN bureau on Earth, who do they confirm it with?"

That’s really something to think about now, isn’t it?

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