This Is What Happened When CNN Started #AskACop On Twitter

With several hashtags involving cops gone wrong, this was pretty much expected.

AskACop Hashtag Trend

After what happened with #MyNYPD in September and #WeHearYou not two weeks ago, wasn’t it made clear that any social media discussion involving cops in the United States is bound to go wrong?

Apparently CNN was a bit too naïve to notice this trend which is why they decided to initiate #AskACop on Twitter this week.

The hashtag which was meant to be used by viewers who wanted to tweet questions to officers for the town hall segment "Cops Under Fire,” hosted by Don Lemon, (obviously!) backfired when users flooded the social media forum with sarcastic questions in the light of recent incidents of police brutality – especially in Ferguson, New York City and Cleveland.

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Yet again, people criticized police brutality and racial discrimination the African-American community faces during encounters with law enforcement officials.

Have a look at some of the scathing tweets:

There were also some serious questions though:

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In the wake of the deaths of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner, as well as the indictment of two police officers responsible for the deaths of Brown and Garner, the angry response was more or less expected. Maybe it’s time similar efforts to reach out to people were made on the ground instead of on the Internet.

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