You Won't Believe What Don Lemon Just Did On Live Television

Before discussing President Obama’s usage of the n-word, this is what Don Lemon held up, uncensored, on air.

President Barack Obama’s usage of the n-word has prompted a lot of outrage and an equal amount of support – but apparently CNN’s Don Lemon had the most to say about it.

Before discussing if it was acceptable conduct for the president of the United States in an interview with stand-up comedian Marc Maron, Lemon held up a Confederate flag asking if it offended the masses.

Then he repeated the question as he picked up a sign displaying the n-word, uncensored, on air.

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During his interview with Maron, Lemon said it was “about time” Obama said the word.

Lemon argued over who has the right to use the word, adding it’s OK for journalists of any color to use the word if the context is right and they have a strong reason behind it.

The unexpected move by Lemon set off an immediate Twitter storm. People are predictably furious with the CNN news anchor, who has a checkered past when it comes to political correctness:

Watch the complete exchange with Maron in the video below:

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