Ex-CIA Analyst: Bomb Civilians To Fight ISIS – They Aren’t American

A former CIA intelligence officer just said there’s nothing wrong with bombing innocent civilians in ISIS territory because they are not Americans.

It appears CNN just can’t get enough of warmongers and xenophobic anchors and analysts.

In a recent interview with host Michael Smerconish, former CIA intelligence officer Michael Scheuer suggested that if the United States wants to defeat the Islamic State, then it should bomb even hospitals and universities in the terrorists’ territory, arguing without going “all in” victory wouldn’t be possible.

“Take out every piece of infrastructure — hospitals, universities, irrigation systems  that make it impossible for the Islamic State to raise money, to provide electricity, sanitation and potable water," Scheuer said. "Do exactly what we did to the Germans."

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As if the advice wasn’t pathetic enough, Scheuer said something even more outrageous when Smerconish asked him if the American people would support the bombing after seeing footage of the “so-called civilian death count.”

“They should,” the guest responded immediately. “What’s the difference? They aren’t Americans.”

So, according to Scheuer war crimes are OK as long as the innocent people dying are, well, not American.

It’s pointless to even wonder how this man received airtime on CNN since the network, as pointed out by journalist Glenn Greenwald this week, is leading the way in spreading war propaganda in the wake of Paris terror attacks.

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You can watch Scheuer’s cringeworthy exchange on CNN in the video above.

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