CNN Reporter Suspended For Tweeting The Truth About Refugees

While Don Lemon is allowed to berate rights activists on live television, a CNN correspondent Elise Labott has been suspended for stating a fact.

CNN suspended its global affairs correspondent Elise Labott after she tried to express sympathy toward Syrian refugees on Twitter.

While promoting the CNN story covering the bill that would radically make it harder for asylum-seekers from Syria to enter the United States, Labott implied in a tweet that the step is against American values.

Several journalists and critics, including the Washington Post's Erik Wemple, pointed out the tweet showed bias.

Labott posted an apology for her remarks:

CNN subsequently suspended her for two weeks, in line with its strict social media policy for its reporters, according to which they cannot comment on issues in order to maintain their objectivity.

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One exception to this rule, however, seems to be Don Lemon who, while reporting on the protests in Ferguson, Missouri following the death of teenager Michael Brown, was allowed to pour scorn on #BlackLivesMatter activists on live television.

Therefore, it’s a little odd to see CNN discipline a staff member who was not spewing bigotry but, in fact, making a perfectly valid point.

The 47 House Democrats who have helped pass the GOP’s anti-refugee bill are indirectly supporting discriminatory measures against people coming to seek refuge from an enemy the U.S. is partly responsible for creating.

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While CNN pretends to be a liberal organization, nearly everyone knows most of its anchors and commentators are as biased as Fox News counterparts.

Considering this, having Labott onboard is actually a nice break.

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