CNN's ISIS Reporting Just Went To A Ridiculous Place

Would-be terrorists cannot resist the bribery of furball kittens and delicious chocolate, at least according to CNN.

What has journalism become? Previously, Fox News reported that President Obama was an alleged rapist. This time CNN is sticking its foot in a proverbial pile of news waste.

According to reports, CNN reported that ISIS recruits women through cats, chocolates and… emojis. Basically all things warm and fuzzy are used to recruit females into the terrorist organization is wreaking havoc in international politics.

Carol Costello tweeted her rationale, arguing that “women see photos on ISIS's social media accounts, are too naïve not to realize that the Islamic State isn't actually a snack-and-pet-filled paradise, and join up.”

She has since removed her social media musings.  

But that hasn’t stopped other people on social media from making a noise of their own.

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There are several things wrong with the idea that ISIS recruits women this way.

There’s the bizarre factor that it zeroes in on women being easy targets for being recruited into terrorism – and only reinforces stereotypes that women have an unhealthy cat obsession and rely on chocolate to make themselves feel better.

And while kittens have been known to be terrorizing, they as a species have never had a political agenda.

And then there’s the alleged Nutella alliance. With the world’s international chocolate supply running low, the idea that this sacred hazelnut spread is in the hands of international terrorists could truly scare the world.

What it is, is really, really irresponsible reporting. Perhaps it is propaganda to get ISIS screen time.

Is CNN trying to follow in the footsteps of Fox News, an international media outlet that nobody takes seriously anymore?

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