CNN To End British Journalist Piers Morgan's Prime-Time Show

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Piers Morgan

“Piers Morgan Live” is about to end, CNN announced on Sunday.

The cable news network is reportedly going to cancel the prime-time show In March due to poor ratings.

However, there are speculations based on previous events that suggest there might be more than one contributing factor to the decision.

Morgan, also a former judge on the "America's Got Talent" show, replaced “Larry King Live” in 2011.

A lot was expected from “Piers Morgan Live” since its predecessor was the most watched and longest-running program on CNN. But consistently low television ratings during the 9:00pm timeslot became a huge problem for the network over the course of three years.

On February 18, the show had its second worst result ever in the adults’ news (25-54) demographic, when Morgan drew a mere 50,000 viewers out of a total audience of 270,000 watching.

"It's been a painful period and lately we have taken a bath in the ratings," Morgan told The New York Times in an interview published on Sunday.

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Although the program’s failing reviews may appear to be the only explanation, a lot more happened in the past couple of years that might be directly or indirectly related to the show’s cancellation.

Piers Morgan’s Comments On Gun Laws:

In 2012,Morgan criticized pro-gun guests on his show, after the Dec. 14 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, where a gunman shot dead 26 people, including 20 children.

The host’s remarks enraged gun advocates all over the United States and subsequently prompted a petition demanding that British CNN talk show host Piers Morgan be deported over comments he made about gun control.

To get the official Obama Administration response, it passed the 25,000 signature threshold to an ultimate 100,000 signatures.

The matter died down after a statement from the White House defended Morgan’s right of free speech.

Piers Morgan: A Brit Commenting On American Problems:

Based on his remarks on gun laws in the US, Morgan – a British national – was widely criticized for commenting before fully understanding the American culture that also includes the Second Amendment rights to self defense.

The veteran journalist acknowledged this disconnect with his CNN audience in the Times interview, saying that as a Brit, he did not always connect with American viewers.

Piers Morgan’s Troubled British Tabloid Past:

Morgan was also dealing with the allegations of a phone hacking scandal when he worked as an editor for a British tabloid Daily Mirror.

Earlier this month, the host was reportedly questioned by London police in connection with the controversy.

Britain's newspaper industry was rocked in 2011 by the closure of Rupert Murdoch's best-selling Sunday tabloid News of the World after revelations some staff had regularly hacked into phones to generate front page scoops.

Although Morgan has denied any involvement, the case remains one of the main reasons behind his widespread unpopularity.

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