Van Jones To Ted Cruz: 'Are You Going To Acknowledge That You Were On The Wrong Side?' (VIDEO)

Former White House adviser Van Jones grilled Senator Ted Cruz over Obamacare on Thursday night’s on CNN’s Crossfire.

The Texas Republican has been severely criticized for his campaign to defund the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. His campaign against the healthcare program is said to have helped drive the government shutdown.

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Jones grilled Cruz asking him why he chose to go on a drive to defund a program just because of some minor glitches and ignored the rest of the benefits it offered.

Isn’t the irony of Obamacare that in order to fund the stuff you like — like no denying of anybody any coverage — you have to accept the stuff you don’t like, like the mandate?”

You can’t get something for nothing,” Jones continued. “You’re not a sugar daddy, are you?”

On September 24, Ted Cruz spent almost five hours on the Senate floor explaining why he disliked Obamacare. His speech was disregarded as a filibuster because it lacked facts and figures. Referring to that, Jones told Cruz that he was ‘demagoguing the problems’ with the rollout.

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"In a couple of years, when this thing is a standard part of our country, when insurance companies can no longer dump people, can no longer deny people, are you going to acknowledge that you were on the wrong side of this thing?"

Cruz chose not to answer the question and harped on his stance that Obamacare could ‘hurt’ people and that the shutdown was forced by U.S. President Obama, not him.

It seems Cruz is getting into the habit of avoiding tough questions. On Monday, he tried to ignore Megyn Kelly’s question when she asked him what it was like to be ‘the most hated man in America’ during an interview on Fox News.

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