Coast Guard Toughens Oversight Of BP’s Effort

The Coast Guard told BP on Wednesday that it wanted to monitor the process of paying out compensation claims from the country’s worst oil spill, and also pressed the company to come up with a better plan for capturing the thousands of barrels of oil now being recovered from the damaged well.In a letter to BP, Adm. Thad W. Allen of the Coast Guard, who is leading the federal response, told company representatives that the government wanted to meet with them on Wednesday to assure that they were meeting their commitment to restore the region after the devastation of the spill.“We feel it’s our responsibility, from the oversight role we have with BP, to make sure this is done effectively,” Admiral Allen told reporters on Wednesday.“We’re getting anecdotal reports, especially during the president’s visits down to Grand Isle last week, that there might be some inconsistencies in the claims process,” he said.The government wants the company to turn over more records on claims. “They own the