That Should Wake Them Up: Coffee Could Go Extinct Due To Climate Change By 2080

Climate change might just have gotten the jolt it needed. A recent report stated that Arabica coffee could be dramatically reduced or even go extinct by 2080.

Coffee addicts got an environmental wake up call from a startling report in the journal PLoS ONE:  Arabica coffee could be extinct by 2080. Arabica is the most cultivated coffee bean in the world, but rising temperatures due to climate change threaten its very existence. The best outcome forseen by the report is a 38% in "suitable bioclimatic space" (read: land where coffee can grow).

Those of you who have paid attention to predictions about climate change over the years know that it's usually not the most optimistic predictions that come true. The scarier end of the range says that 90% of land currently suitable for coffee production won't be anymore by 2080. Arabica beans could even go extinct by then.

The only good news: the report itself might be enough to jolt any coffee fiend out of bed. They might be so charged up that they bike to work too.

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