College Student Kills Mom Over Bad Grades

A college student ended up killing his mother after getting in an argument about his grades.

Tyler Ryan Blansit, Son killed mother in argument over college grades

We all know that feeling of dread that comes with receiving our grades, but this college student took it to a senseless level. Sadly, it ended in the murder of his mother.

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The student, Tyler Ryan Blansit, called 911 on Friday afternoon, Mentone Police Chief Brad Gregg told CNN. When the police arrived, they found his mother’s body in the backyard. He then confessed to killing her after getting into an argument over his grades. The cause of death was blunt force trauma, with the use of a baseball bat. Blansit was charged with murder and is being held in jail.

This chilling event obviously indicates mental instability, and Blansit should be offered professional help. However, there are also gaps in the story, concerning his relationship with his mother and whether or not he felt endangered. No one knows yet why what should have been a harmless argument escalated into a murder, but hopefully investigators will find out. This kind of incomprehensible crime can often leave us with no faith in humanity, but we have to accept the fact that certain things might not have an explanation.

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