Admit It, You Don't Have A Clue About That Petition. That's Why You Just Joined ISIS.

This goes to show how people are ignorant to campaigns they support in petitions.

In order to show how little Americans know about the latest global terrorist threat -- the Islamic State -- a local reporter conducted an interesting experiment.

Dan Joseph of the Media Research Center TV went to George Washington University and asked students to sign a petition addressed to President Barack Obama to not only stop bombing ISIS, but also actively support the terrorist group.

The experiment demonstrates how little attention people pay toward petitions, and international news in general.

“By supporting ISIS instead of bombing them we think we can avoid war,” Joseph explains to one endorser in the video. ”And uh, you know, they’re just like just like us -- only with slightly more beheadings.”

The number of signatures received on the petition is alarming, but the comments that followed are even more so.

“Every religion has their moments,” explained one girl who signed the petition. “I mean, come on, we can -- don’t even get me started where the Christians used to, uh, what they did to the non-believers once upon a time.”

She also added how Steven Sotloff, one of the American journalists beheaded by ISIS militants, was actually with the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency.

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While most of the students blindly supported the cause, there were some who -- thankfully -- expressed their disgust over the amount of signatures Joseph had managed to obtain.

One student, an apparent military veteran, was so shocked that all he could say at first was, “What the f***?”

Another exclaimed, “For you to stand out here and do that, when they beheaded two Americans on live TV, that’s f***ing disgraceful! You should be ashamed to call yourself, to even live in this country.”

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